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Thursday, April 13, 2006


A Woman, A Rose
The rose appears quite delicate, yet it will withstand much distress

When hard times come calling, it may bend but never break
Admire its exquisiteness, its sleek sultry shape

Open your eyes to the color of the petals' cheeks
Feel the softness of its skin

And as the first few begin to unfold, look closely for its magnificent smile
Watch the leaves drift lazily in the breeze as would her hair

As the sun shines down upon the rose, admire its radiant glow
Notice its growing beauty with each passing day

Though, most of all, be very careful when holding it, as the rose will let near it only those with a sincere touch.
You are a rose.

Romance Just For One

The gentle rain is falling down
in a place that's far away,
the storm clouds are surrounding you,
but you know that you will stay.
The single candle is now lit
the fireplace is warm,
there's peacefulness you feel inside
though you hear the rage of a storm.
The music softly plays a tune
you're having perfect days,
even dancing with an old, old broom
in the mountains, that's okay.
You find that you are all alone
no one to share the view,
the tranquility though would not be there,
if at the cabin there were two.
The animals are hiding in the hills
the wildflowers are in bloom,
you treasure the days that you are here
for you must go home too soon.
The time you have is now all gone
with many things you've done,
there is a special place to go
with "Romance Just For One!"

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


haplos ng ala-ala na aking tangan
isang pag-ibig na 'di ko malimutan
bakas ang kirot sa puso ko'ng luhaan
ang ligayang dulot ng mga nagdaan

di akalaing mawawala na lamang
sayawan na tila walang katapusan
sa musikang kupas ngunit kagandahan
at pag ibig na wagas't may sinumpaan

pagdaka ay lumipas na ang panahon
hindi na maibabalik ang kahapon
makulay na pagibig nyang kumupas
'di napatunayan ang pagiging wagas

dinig ko ang pag huni ng mga ibon
paminsan ay nagdudulot ng ligaya,
paminsan nama'y luha ang dala-dala,
kahimig nang aking mga ala-ala
na minsa'y malungkot paminsa'y masaya

A Devil

They say I’m cruel, always picking up a fight
They say I’m mean, being impatient to them
They say I’m brutal, not considering what they feel
They say I’m a devil- I REALLY DON’T CARE.

If being brutal is to uphold what is right, then I am
If being mean is to defend the inferior, then I am
If being brutal makes them realize they are misguided, then I am
If doing all that is being a devil, then YES, indeed I am.

And I will continue to be cruel, mean, brutal and a devil
To them who call me such, until they give up their animosity.
And admit that they are mistaken and corrupt
Only then I will cease to be a DEVIL


ang iyong pag ibig, di ko aagawin,
iyong pag ibig aking palalaguin,
dito sa puso ko'y pamumukadkarin,
bawat araw mo'y aking pasisiyahin.

kung masakit man ang iyong ala-ala,
pahuhupain ko ang 'yong mga luha,
pakikislapin ko ang maganda mong labi,
pupunuin ng halakhak at pag-ngiti.

dadalhin kita sa lugar na kay saya,
sa gabing tanaw lahat ng mga tala,
at mga bulaklak naman sa umaga,
sa saliw ng hanging may dalang musika.

gagawa tayo ng sariling liriko,
ikaw ang aawit at tutugtog ako
sa duyan nitong pag ibig na dala ko,
tiyak ko na liligaya ang puso mo.